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Ann Marie Visconti         Chair

Curt Robie                        Member

Tamarin Laurel-Paine    Member

Term: Elected for 3 years at the Annual Town Meeting

Meeting times: Every other Wednesday at 6:30 pm



Mailing Address: PO Box 238, Middlefield, MA 01243

Town Counsel: Kopelman & Paige

The selectboard is comprised of three residents of the town who are each elected for a three-year term. The board serves as the town’s chief executive body having overall responsibility for the general operations of town government. The selectboard assumes an active role in any issue or policy that has broad implications for the financial condition of the town. The board is authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of the town, coordinates the role of players in financial management, participates in the budget process, develops the town capital improvement plan, and plays an active role in any issue that has financial implications for the town. The board also reviews major issues that would affect the future of the town and sorts out various positions of town boards and departments to determine the best possible course of action for the town.

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